01- "Parenting: A story of sleepless nights, messy kitchens, and unconditional love." - Unknown (2024)

02- "The influence of a parent ripples through generations." - Desconhecido

03- "There's no perfect parent, but there's always a perfect love." - Xia Li (2024)

04- "Every child deserves a champion – a parent who will never stop believing in them." - Nelson Mandela

05- "The greatest gift we can give our children is our presence." - Magda Gerber

06- "Parenting is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the mess, celebrate the milestones." - Unknown (2024)

07- "Strong roots make strong branches. Thank you, parents, for grounding us." - Unknown (2024)

08- "Sometimes, the most powerful parenting is letting go." - Vanessa La Rue

09- "A parent's love is the wind beneath our wings." - Victoria Secreto

10- "Gratitude to all who step up and answer the call of parenthood, in all its forms." - Unknown