Sex Work Rights: 10 Quotes for ISWD

01- "Sex work is work. Respect our rights, respect our lives." - (Source: Adapted from various ISWD slogans)

02- "Safety, dignity, and agency. These are not luxuries, they're our human rights." - (Source: Inspired by current ISWD themes)

03- "We are mothers, daughters, siblings, friends. Sex work doesn't define us, it's part of who we are." - (Source: Highlights the humanity of sex workers)

04- "Stigma is violence. End the stigma, end the violence against sex workers." - (Source: Addresses the impact of stigma)

05- "Decriminalization protects us. It's time to break the chains of criminalization." - (Source: Focuses on a key advocacy goal)

06- "Our voices matter. We deserve a seat at the table in decisions that affect our lives." - (Source: Emphasizes sex worker self-determination)

07- "Solidarity is our strength. Together, we can create a safer and more just world." - (Source: Promotes unity within the sex worker community)

08- "We are more than bodies. We are skilled professionals. Recognize our expertise." - (Source: Challenges the objectification of sex workers)

09- "Our work is valid. We contribute to the economy. Decriminalize sex work!" - (Source: Highlights the economic contributions of sex workers)

10- "The future is ours to create. Let's build a world where sex work is safe, legal, and respected." - (Source: Expresses hope and determination)