halloween tombstone sayings

80 Clever Halloween Tombstone Sayings to Die For

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Are you prepared to turn your Halloween yard into a hilariously eerie cemetery? Take inspiration from our selection of the most fitting Halloween gravestone quotes! We have epitaphs that range from eerie and menacing to pun-filled and belly-laugh inducing. These sayings will make your guests laugh, whether you’re creating your own DIY tombstones or searching for inspiration to liven up your current décor.

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Halloween Tombstone Sayings

Spooky & Sinister

  • I told you I was sick.
  • My spirit lingers here…
  • Now I’m haunting you.
  • Nevermore
  • I’ll be back
  • As you are, I once was. As I am, you will be.
  • Died of fright
  • Listen closely, you might hear me…
  • Return if you dare
  • Gone, but not forgotten

halloween tombstone sayings

Humorous & Punny

  • I always KNEW this day would come.
  • Now THIS is my idea of social distancing.
  • I’m just resting my eyes.
  • Here lies a pizza lover… Rest in pepperoni.
  • Izzy Deadyet?
  • My wife said, “Till death do us part”… So here I am.
  • I’d rather be above ground, but this is cheaper
  • I was hoping for a pyramid.
  • Can’t someone else do it?
  • I’m not really dead, just tax exempt.

Classic & Pop Culture Inspired

  • Here lies Jack. He lived, he died, he decomposed.
  • “I see dead people.”
  • “It’s alive!”
  • “Happy Halloween!” – Signed, Your Neighbors
  • Here lies Lester Moore. Four slugs from a .44. No Les No More.
  • “Boo!”
  • “Trick or Treat”
  • “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” (Macbeth)
  • “It was a dark and stormy night…”
  • “The ghost of all my failures haunts me.”

Meta Tombstone Sayings

  • This epitaph needs work.
  • Couldn’t think of anything witty.
  • I was supposed to write my own epitaph… Oops.
  • Insert funny saying here.
  • If you can read this, you’re too close.
  • “Move along, nothing to see here”
  • “Well, this is awkward”
  • “I’ll never forgive you for this headstone”
  • “At least the worms are enjoying themselves”
  • “I bet you wish you’d brought flowers”

halloween tombstone sayings

Creepy and Quirky

  • Died from reading the fine print.
  • Not accepting visitors at this time.
  • Forever offline.
  • If you hear a knock, don’t answer.
  • Died doing what I loved… nothing.
  • I have no idea how I got here.
  • Oops, wrong grave.
  • Finally got some peace and quiet.
  • Lost the will to live.
  • My time ran out.

Witty and Pun-tastic

  • Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?
  • I’ve got a bone to pick with you.
  • Having a killer time down here.
  • Dropped dead gorgeous.
  • Witchful thinking you’d find me here.
  • I’ve coffin up interest in living.
  • Made you look!
  • To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
  • I told you I didn’t feel good last Halloween.
  • Haunt mess with me.

Pop Culture References

  • My precious!
  • Winter is coming… for me, it already came.
  • I’ll be back. (Terminator)
  • The Force is not with me.
  • I regret nothing! (Except maybe that last bite…)
  • Yippee-ki-yay, Spirit Halloween shoppers!
  • I ain’t afraid of no ghost.
  • Did I do that? (Urkel)
  • I’m melting, melting! (Wicked Witch of the West)
  • Live long and prosper… Oops, too late.

More Meta Options

  • Died laughing at a tombstone pun.
  • This tombstone cost an arm and a leg.
  • I’m too lazy to haunt anyone.
  • If you’re reading this, you need a hobby.
  • Why are you staring at my grave?
  • This plot is currently unavailable.
  • Here lies a terrible speller.
  • Don’t stand on my grave, I’m claustrophobic!
  • I’m not sleeping, just charging.
  • You’re next.
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