01 - "Love isn't a fairytale. Sometimes it's a battlefield."

When Destiny Plays Its Hand

02 - "Destiny plays its games, but in the end, we always choose our own path."

03 - "Our pasts write our stories, but they don't have to define our ending."

04 - "Betrayal cuts the deepest, especially from the ones we trust the most."

05 - "You can't outrun your heart. It will chase you to the ends of the earth."

06 - "Sometimes, the hardest battle to win is the one against yourself."

07 - "Forgiveness isn't about forgetting. It's about letting go of the poison."

08 - "True strength doesn't mean never falling. It means always getting back up."

09 - "Scars may fade, but the lessons they teach last a lifetime."

10 - "In the midst of the storm, even the smallest spark of hope can become a raging fire."