01- "Thalassemia may flow in our blood, but it does not define our spirit."

United Against Thalassemia: A World of Stories

02- "Small transfusions, big impact. Donate blood, give life to someone with thalassemia."

03- "Awareness is the first step to a world where thalassemia is manageable, not a burden."

04- "Research is our beacon of hope. Support thalassemia research, support a brighter future."

05- "We may not share blood, but we share a battle. Together, we are stronger than thalassemia."

06- "Their smiles are our strength. Let's fight for a world where children with thalassemia can thrive."

07- "Thalassemia warriors: Their courage knows no bounds."

08- "Knowledge breaks barriers. Spread thalassemia awareness, dispel the myths."

09- "Carrier screening empowers choice. Know your status, plan your future."

10- "Today we stand united, tomorrow we envision a world free from thalassemia."