01- "Stick to your plan. Anticipate, don't improvise. Trust no one. Never yield an advantage. Fight only the battle you're paid to fight."

The Killer: 10 Iconic Quotes and Images

02- "The need to feel secure. It's a slippery slope. Fate is a placebo. The only life path, the one behind you."

03- "Of those who like to put their faith in mankind's inherent goodness, I have to ask—based on what, exactly?"

04- "Consider yourself lucky if our paths never cross. Except luck isn't real. Nor is karma. Or sadly, justice."

05- "My process is purely logistical, narrowly focused by design. I'm not here to take sides. It's not my place to formulate any opinion."

06- "Ted Williams batted 0.344 lifetime. I'd be batting a thousand since I won't take credit for watching some mob bookkeeper drop dead of a coronary."

07- "In this business, perception is reality. And sometimes, the best truth that exists is the one you make for yourself."

08- "The world has a way of balancing itself… but most of the time, it's not pretty."

09- "In the shadows, no one sees you coming. And by the time they notice, it's already over."

10- "I am the silence after the storm. The stillness after the chaos.  I am the end of the line."