Spider-Verse Whispers: 10 Quotes That Define the Heroes

01- "Everyone Keeps Telling Me How My Story Is Supposed To Go." - Miles Morales

02- "The Power Of The Multiverse In The Palm Of My Hand." - The Spot

03- "Miles, Being Spider-Man Is A Sacrifice..." - Miguel O'Hara

04- "Wherever You Go From Here, You Have To Promise To Take Care Of That Little Boy For Me."

05- "Let's Do Things Differently This Time." - Gwen Stacy

06- "You're The Best Thing I've Ever Done." - George Stacy

07- "I Never Found The Right Band To Join... So I Started My Own." - Gwen Stacy

08- "Taking A Crap On The Establishment. I Salute You." - Ben Reilly

09- "Bad Things Are Gonna Happen... We Just Gotta Make Sure We're There To Stop Them." - Miles Morales

10- "I Don't Believe In Consistency." - Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman)