01- "You've got a friend in me." (Woody)

Laughter, Tears, and Toy Story Forever

02- "To infinity...and beyond!" (Buzz Lightyear)

03- "This isn't flying. This is falling with style!" (Woody)

04- "So long, partner." (Woody, Toy Story 3)

05- "The claw is our master. The claw chooses who will go and who will stay."  (The Aliens)

06- "I can't stop Andy from growing up, but I wouldn't miss it for the world." (Woody)

07- "You never forget kids like Emily, or Andy, but they forget you." (Jessie)

08- "It's not about how much they pay you. It's about... the children." (Lotso, with villainous sarcasm)

09- "I will never give up on you, Buzz." (Woody)

10- "Being there for each other, that's what makes us family." (Bonnie's Mom, Toy Story 4)