Fried Clam Fun: 10 Quotes to Make You Crave!

01- "Life is better with fried clams."

02- "Beach day? Don't forget the fried clams!"

03- "Clams casino? More like clams nirvana." (Clams casino is a dish with fried clams, bacon, and peppers)

04- "Warning: May cause extreme happiness. (Fried clams)"

05- "There's nothing quite like the sound of sizzling clams."

06- "Happiness is a plate of fried clams and a cold drink."

07- "Shells yeah! It's National Fried Clam Day!"

08- "Don't just clam up, celebrate with fried clams!"

09- "Life is too short to skip the fried clams."

10- "Because Tuesdays were made for fried clams."