01- "Know your numbers, control your pressure, live a healthier life." - (Source: American Heart Association)

Fight Back: 10 Quotes to Control Blood Pressure

02- "Silence is not golden when it comes to high blood pressure. Get screened, get treated, get healthy." - (Source: World Hypertension League)

03- "Small changes, big impact. Take control of your blood pressure today." - (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

04- "Hypertension: A silent threat, a powerful voice for change. Let's raise awareness together." - (Source: Original)

05- "Don't let high blood pressure steal your future. Take charge of your health." - (Source: American College of Cardiology)

06- "Together, we can measure, manage, and control hypertension for a healthier world." - (Source: World Health Organization)

07- "Knowledge is power. Know your blood pressure and take steps to keep it healthy." - (Source: Original)

08- "Let's make healthy choices a daily habit. Your heart will thank you." - (Source: Mayo Clinic)

09- "Hypertension: Don't ignore the warning signs. Get checked, get informed, get empowered." - (Source: Original)

10- "Small steps towards a healthy lifestyle can lead to big improvements in blood pressure." - (Source: American Diabetes Association)