End Child Labour: 10 Powerful Quotes

01- "A childhood stolen is a future dimmed. Let's end child labour and light the way for every child."

02- "Education is their weapon. Let's arm them with knowledge, not tools."

03- "Tiny hands deserve to hold crayons, not chains."

04- "The weight of the world shouldn't rest on a child's shoulders. Let them dream, not drudge."

05- "Play is their language. Let them speak it freely, not forced silence of labour."

06- "Their future is not for sale. End child labour and invest in their potential."

07- "Every stitch they sew, a piece of childhood unravels. Let them learn, not toil."

08- "Silence is not compliance. Raise your voice against child labour."

09- "Their dreams are priceless. Don't let them be shattered by the burden of work."

10- "Together, we can build a world where childhood means learning, playing, and growing. End child labour."