Breathe Easy: 10 Quotes to Quit Smoking

01- "Cigarettes don't empower you, they enslave you." - Unknown (2024)

02- "Choose breath over smoke. Choose life over addiction." - World Health Organization (2024)

03- "The only good thing about a bad habit is the ability to quit it." - Unknown (2024)

04- "Don't let tobacco steal your future. Breathe freely, live fully." - American Lung Association (2024)

05- "Your health is your greatest wealth. Invest in it, quit smoking." -  Public Health England (2024)

06- "Secondhand smoke is not a second chance. Protect yourself and others. Quit today." - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2024)

07- "Together, we can stub out tobacco use. Let's create a smoke-free future." - The Union (2024) (Replace "The Union" with a relevant anti-smoking organization in your region)

08- "Don't be a statistic. Quit smoking and reclaim your health." -  World Health Organization (2024)

09- "There's no shame in quitting. There's freedom in breathing easy." -  American Cancer Society (2024)

10- "You are stronger than your addiction. Take back control of your life. Quit smoking." -  Truth Initiative (2024)