01- "This isn't just about Riley anymore. Our emotions are shaping the world around us."

Beyond Headquarters: The Emotional Epic of "Inside Out 2"

02- "Fear isn't always the enemy. Sometimes, it's the compass that keeps us alive."

03- "We can't control the past, but we can choose how it echoes in our future."

04- "Growing up isn't about leaving things behind. It's about making room for the new... without losing the old."

05- "Every island of personality was built on a foundation of doubt."

06- "Anger isn't a fire to be extinguished. It's a forge to shape your will."

07- "Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is feel…everything."

08- "We’re a symphony of emotions, and the world is our instrument."

09- "Don't let anyone dim your light. Even the shadows need stars to guide them."

10- "Our minds are more than just headquarters. They're infinite galaxies waiting to be discovered."