7-Eleven Day: Cheers to Slurpee Runs & More! (10 Quotes)

01- "Slurpee runs are the best kind of runs."

02- "National 7-Eleven Day? More like National Big Gulp Day!"

03- "7-Eleven: Where cravings never go hungry."

04- "Because sometimes, all you need is a Slurpee and a friend."

05- "Fueling late-night adventures since 1927." (7-Eleven's founding year)

06- "Open 24/7? More like open to endless possibilities."

07- "7-Eleven: Your one-stop shop for everything from snacks to dreams."

08- "Always there when you need a pick-me-up (and a Slurpee)."

09- "Celebrating 7-Eleven Day, one convenience at a time."

10- "Here's to 7-Eleven, making everyday a little brighter (and tastier)."