10 Quotes for World Zoonoses Day

01- "One Health - A united approach for a healthy future." - World Health Organization (WHO)

02- "Together, we can build a world where people and animals live healthy lives." - World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

03- "Zoonoses: A hidden threat in our midst." - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

04- "Prevent the spillover - Stop the next pandemic." -  (Campaign slogan for World Zoonoses Day)

05- "Our actions today impact our health tomorrow. Let's break the cycle of zoonotic diseases." -  (Public health campaign message)

06- "For a healthier planet, a healthier you - Address zoonotic diseases." -  (Environmental organization message)

07- "One health approach - The key to unlocking a disease-free future." -  (International veterinary organization message)

08- "Zoonoses - A reminder that animal health is human health." -  (Animal welfare organization message)

09- "Vaccinate your animals, protect yourself." -  (Public health campaign message)

10- "Stop the spread, break the chain - Together, let's defeat zoonotic diseases." -  (World Zoonoses Day message)