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The Best of “Dune: Part Two” (65 Powerful Quotes)

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Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi masterpiece continues to unfold in “Dune: Part Two”. Prepare to be captivated by powerful words that explore themes of leadership, destiny, ecology, and the relentless struggle for survival on the desert planet of Arrakis. Here are 65 of the most striking quotes from the film:

Dune: Part Two Quotes

Powerful and Prophetic

  •     “The spice must flow. The future must unfold.”
  •     “Dreams are messages from the deep, revealing the path yet unseen.”
  •     “I am the Kwisatz Haderach, the bridge across time.”
  •     “Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death. I will face my fear, and it will pass through me.”
  •     “We change the world not by what we say or think, but by what we do.”

Intrigue and Politics

  •     “Arrakis is a chessboard, and we are the pieces.”
  •     “This is not the end, but a beginning. The balance of power has shifted.”
  •     “Betrayal wears many faces. Beware even those closest to you.”
  •     “Power attracts the corruptible. We must always be vigilant.”
  •     “There is no escape. We all play our role in this grand design.”

Dune: Part Two Quotes

Themes of Ecology and Survival

  •     “Water is the treasure of Arrakis. To conserve it is to demonstrate power.”
  •     “The desert takes the weak, its crucible is harsh but necessary.”
  •     “To understand the desert, you must become part of the desert.”
  •     “We are but a single thread in a vast and fragile tapestry.”
  •     “Change is the constant in the desert. Those who resist, perish.”

The Burden of Leadership

  •     “Sometimes, the hardest path is the only path to true freedom.”
  •     “Do not pity the dead, pity the living. And above all, pity yourself.”
  •     “The weight of destiny is heavy upon me. But it is a weight I choose to bear.”
  •     “My choices will reverberate across generations.”
  •     “Leadership is not about glory, but sacrifice.”

The Path of the Jihad

  •     “The Fremen shall sweep across the Imperium, a righteous storm!”
  •     “Our eyes are open. The jihad cannot be stopped.”
  •     “They will know fear, as we once knew fear.”
  •     “From these sands will rise a new empire, forged in faith.”
  •     “Some call this war. I call it destiny.”

The Voice and Prescience

  •     “I see the threads of time, a dangerous and uncertain web.”
  •     “To manipulate the future, one must understand it first.”
  •     “My voice carries the will of countless ancestors.”
  •     “Visions are not guarantees, but warnings and possibilities.”
  •     “There is a path through the chaos, but it is narrow and treacherous.”
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Harkonnen Brutality

  •     “We are the hammer, Arrakis the anvil. And the Fremen will be crushed.”
  •     “Mercy is weakness. Cruelty is power.”
  •     “Make them suffer, make them scream. Then, we break them.”
  •     “Fear is the only coin that matters on Arrakis.”
  •     “Leave nothing behind but sand and bones.”

Bene Gesserit Manipulation

  •     “Our words are like seeds, planted with purpose.”
  •     “Through subtle influence, we steer the course of humanity.”
  •     “We do not serve individuals, we serve the grand plan.”
  •     “Sometimes, the most dangerous weapon is truth.”
  •     “Doubt is a tool, like fear or hope. Use it wisely. “

Romance and Resolve

  •     “Even in the midst of war, love survives.” (Chani)
  •     “I will fight for you, and with you, until my last breath.” (Paul to Chani)
  •     “In your eyes, I see our future.” (Chani to Paul)
  •     “We are stronger together than any force in the universe.” (Paul and Chani)
  •     “My devotion goes beyond prophecy. I choose you.” (Chani to Paul)

Emperors and Schemers

  •     “The Padishah Emperor trembles on his throne. We are coming for him.” (Paul or Stilgar)
  •     “Underestimate the Corrino at your peril, young Atreides.” (Emperor Shaddam IV)
  •     “My daughter may be a pawn, but she plays the game with her own agenda.” (Irulan’s inner monologue)
  •     “The Landsraad will burn before they accept an Atreides on the throne.” (A bitter Count speaking against Paul)
  •     “There are whispers in the Spacing Guild…and whispers have power.” (Guild Navigator)

The Nature of Power

  •     “You wield power like a child with a knife, Muad’Dib. You may cut yourself before you cut others.” (Lady Jessica)
  •     “True power is not in control, but in guiding change.” (Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam)
  •     “Do not mistake popularity for true authority.” (Count Fenring to Paul)
  •     “Power resides where people believe it resides.” (Baron Harkonnen)
  •     “It is not power that corrupts, but the fear of losing it.” (Lady Jessica or the Reverend Mother)

Personal Struggles and Reflections

  •     “Sometimes I fear I’m becoming the very monster I fight against.” (Paul)
  •     “My grief is a vast ocean… I fear I will drown in it.” (Lady Jessica)
  •     “Regret is a poison for the soul, Duke.” (Gurney to Paul)
  •     “What kind of man will I become after all this bloodshed?” (Paul)
  •     “Even heroes can be broken.” (Chani, perhaps about Paul)

The Spice and its Hold

  •     “Spice is not just wealth. It is vision. It is the power to shape the future.” (Paul or a Guild Navigator)
  •     “Spice addiction is a chain heavier than any metal.” (Lady Jessica or Reverend Mother)
  •     “It is the spice that binds us, the spice that blinds us.” (Paul’s inner conflict)
  •     “To control Arrakis is to control the destiny of all humankind.” (Could be spoken by various characters)
  •     “The spice knows no masters.” (Mysterious Fremen saying)

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